i-Max FM-650


Digital display system
8-bit microprocessor control system
Hot roll technology
Hot and cold laminating for different usage
Adjustable motor speed according to different material
Adjustable temperature control for various film thickness and different materials
Reverse button removing jammed films
Tension control on film mandrel
Metallic construction for durability


Model FM-650

Laminating width ≤ 635mm
Laminating speed 200 – 1600mm/min
Laminating thickness ≤ 5mm
Laminating temperature 0 – 140c
Control system 8-bit Microprocesor
Power supply AC100, 110, 220-240V / 50, 60Hz
Power 1600w
Weight (kg) 38
Dimensions (W x D x H) 910 x 520 x 310
Diameter of roll film 25mm / 58mm / 78mm Optional
Stand (yes)