i-max Perfect Binder


Double Gluing Cylinders - additional Reverse Roller for Perfect Glue Levelling.
Adjustable Plate Form high with just a button press -
NO MORE TECHNICIAN ALIGNMENT REQUIRED! (applicable to Milling Cutter (picture B) & Cover Platform to control Glue Level Retained (picture C).
Straight Line Production Method (picture D) to increase the production
output and reduce the your cost.
Hard Cover & Soft Cover Clamper Exchangeable without screws. (picture C)
More durable and stable machine with minimum technician services
required – Easy Maintenance.
Ideal for Photobook (Album) perfect binding using either on soft or hard cover.


Max Book length : 420mm
Max Book Thickness : 53mm
Binding Cycle/hour : 200 documents
Cover Thickness : 70 – 300gsm
Fusion : 25mins
Power Supply : 220V 50HZ
Electric Consumption: 1850W
Dimension (mm) : 1300 X 530 X 1020
Machine Weight : 195kg
Small Milling & High Speed Sun Milling Cutters included
Soft Cover & Hard Cover Book Binding
Can cut 3 folded sheets by the sun milling cutter

Double gluing cylinders with reverse roller
Adjustable milling cutter level
Adjustable cover platform to control glue level retained
Straight line production method
Soft cover
Hard cover