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4806EX /PX Electrical Numerical-Control Paper Guillotine


Inclined blade cutting patented technology
Any thick paper can be cut easily with inclined blade design

Adjustable gap of blade carrier patented technology
±0.3mm cutting precision, long service time

Independent paper-pressing design
Make effectively solve the problem of pressing pressure
with independent motor

Centrifugal paper pressing with driver technology
Make effectively solve the problem of pressing, prevent paper-presser
getting stuck

Spin cutter with outer fine adjustment technology
Outer adjustment, easy operation

Pushing paper with double guide rod technology device
Guarantee the precision of pushing paper to cut paper accurately

IR grating protective circuit design
Making according to CE standard to guarantee safety with front
grating & back plastic cover protective design

Patented appearance
Simple, exquisite metal techniques and removable design, being applied to
graphic printing office

Blade with double row holes design
Increasing the frequency of the use of blade, reduce cost

Intelligent control, LCD
Optimization and upgrading program, pressing, cutting time and
calibrating spot of pushing size can be set at will, 99 programs can be
set for program series. Each program 7 cuts

Optical cutting line
Infrared laser indicating line, high-visible

Model - 4806EX - 4860PX


Max. Cutting Size - 480mm
Min. Cutting Size - 30mm
Cutting Thickness - 60mm
Cutting Precision - ±0.3mm
Pressing Paper Mode - Automatic
Pushing Paper Mode - Numerical Control
Program - No Yes
Display - Digital
Power Supply - 220V(110V)±10% 50HZ (60HZ)
Net Weight - 230kg
Machine Dimension 935 x 780 x 1250mm