480G / 550G / 670G

(80mm thickness with programming features)

Germany Specifications


Safety guards on rear table
Safety beam guards on front table
Two-hand operation electronically control
Blade return in automation
Disc brake for blade stop
Main safety lock with key
24 Volt controls in low voltage
Cutting aid for paper aligning
Safety standards and CE certifications approval


Electronic-mechanical control of blade, clamp, and back gauge
Automatic clamping system, guided on both sides
Optical cutting line
Complete with stand and storage shelf
Paper clamping time and pressure adjustable
Clamp made of power metallurgy reduce greasing frequently
Curl movement increase the cutting ability


Model Name 480G 550G
Cutting Width 480mm 550mm
Cutting Height 80mm
Table Height 930mm
Narrow Cut 35mm
Power supply 220V, 50Hz
Blade Drive 1100W
Clamp Drive 370W
Dimensions 1025 x 1050 x 830mm
Weight 280Kg
Net Weight 230Kg