Flexible & Fast to change the different version of spine guides

Light table with centre positioning line labels the reference meshed line for variety of formats

With suction assistance for placing the tacking paper, you can position the accurately and quickly.

A corner cutter allows you to cut the four corners of different thickness of cardboard in an even and accurate way.

A user friendly edge folder also makes the hard cover even more standardized.

4. Nipping Unit - Manual control hard cover nipping with heat control to allows the glue to penetrate perfectly to ensures the strongest holding results. The final shape of the bar gives professional look to the finished book.



Max. Tracking Paper Size : 1000 X 650 mm
Max. Folding Length : 990mm
Max. Size of product : 600 X 470mm
Standard long spine guide : 10mm
Interchangeable Spine Guide: 3mm, 5mm, 8mm. (optional)
We can customized to your need