Electric wire saddle stapler M200

Parameter: Electric wire saddle stapler is used for document and booklet binding, widely used for print house, book shop and other government, school etc. According to the iron wire and steel wire to binding booklet and document.
  M100 Single head M200 Double head
Working type Electric Electric
Binding type Flat / saddle stapler Flat / saddle stapler
Binding thickness 0.5-60mm 0.5-60mm
Binding speed 100-150 per min 100-150 per min
Power 220V50HZ 250W 220V50HZ 250W
Machine size 400 x 380 x 690mm 400 x 410 x 800mm
Packing size 410 x 430 x 770mm 410 x 430 x 840mm
Machine weight 25kgs 61kgs